The Art of doing twice the work in half the time


I just read „The Art of doing twice the work in half the time“ from Jeff Sutherland. It is a really good book for people, who have no idea about Scrum. It is well written and explains the concepts of Scrum very well and is easily understandable. If you want to know about Scrum, what it can do and why it is the way it is, then you should read it too. There are a lot of stories in there about projects, that have been saved by Scrum. And most of those stories tap into why the roles, meetings and artifacts exist in Scrum. As proper scientist, Jeff Sutherland refers to many studies to prove his points and to explain why using Scrum is probably a good idea.

I found the book to be a delightful read, which helped me to understand more of the history of Scrum. Oh yes, and it is one of those books, that makes me think: „Yeah, you are doing the right things!“

Autor: Falk Kühnel