PhpStorm 2017.3 won't start on my Mac


After I switched to my MacBook, I had this very annoying problem, that my PhpStorm would not want to start. It continuously showed an error message even after a new installation.

Creating the directory Users/[myuser]/Library/Caches/PhpStorm2017.3 and chowning it to myuser:staff resolved the issue.

mkdir /Users/$MYUSER/Library/Caches/PhpStorm2017.3
chown $MYUSER:staff /Users/$MYUSER/Library/Caches/PhpStorm2017.3

This problem showed up, after moving to a new mac with restored data from backup and for some reason, which I have no explanation for, the Caches directory was only writeable for root. Does anyone know, how it should be?

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Autor: Falk Kühnel