Play4Agile 2018


I had a really great time in the wonderful place in Rückersbach. I rarely find me in places, that have the unique qualities, that I find there.

It is quiet. It is basically located in the middle of nowhere. A beautiful nowhere. And if you need to calm down a little, then you can just take a walk, stare out the window or lie on your bed. So quiet.

It is loud. There are so many great people in conversations all the time. Games are being played, songs sung, cavemen screaming and hitting people on the head with a club, shouts of sausages, awkward presentations about trumps hear, dice rattling on tables and above all, lots of heartwarming laughter.

It is educational. Playing lots of games (some of which you have played before) and debriefing them, generates so much insight. Game mechanics and people mechanics are becoming so much clearer. Learning so playful makes it a really great experience.

It is fun. I do not remember, when I laughed so much in the last months. Meeting with people, that share your kind of humor or even are just willing to explore it with you or are tolerant enough to let you enjoy yourself is an amazing thing.

It is deep. Switching between a questionable type of humor to deep conversations, is happening easily. You can talk to people about philosophical questions or your most inner thoughts and you will find someone who listens and reflects with you. And if you want, you will get help and advice. Or even a shoulder to hold on to for a moment.

It is loving. I rarely feel so deep connections to people as I do at the Play4Agile. So many thoughtful and caring people in one location. People that open up so easily, because they feel safe to share their innermost feelings. That is an incredible thing to experience. And even the connections that are growing to the staff there are a sign of great affection. How people treat each other there, is how I would like the world to be a bit more.

It is hugging. While not a thing for everyone, there is a lot of hugging going on at Play4Agile. And what I find most interesting is, that while people take care only to hug those that really want to, I see that even some of those people, who usually do not like to hug, find out they would like to in that place. I like that those hugs are all sincere and come from the heart.

It is appreciative. People say thank you so often, it is almost scary. The usage rate of thank you cards is extremely high. And most of all, it is very easy to say thank you there. Because you feel the sincerity.

It is playful. Well, of course. That’s mainly why we go there. Creating and discovering new games (or simulations) that help people to understand more easily, that transmit complicated things more easily, that help you to experience and understand complexity, that generate more insights on what you and the other understand about agility, that are fun. Those are the tools we use in our work environment, to make our own lives more easy.

It is over. ... Yes, that is that saddest part for me. Letting go of all these great people with their wonderful minds and hearts from all over the world. But it is a small price to pay, for all the quiet loudness, the educational fun, the deep love, the appreciative hugs and the playfulness you can take home with you.

I love you Play4Agile, for what and who you are. Thank you. Hug.

Autor: Falk Kühnel